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Selected Press & Reviews

The masterpiece of the evening

by Gaby Cohen (NJ)
I have just received the Haggadah books and, I want to congratulate you for a real work of art. I assure you that, I have never seen such a beautiful and complete Haggadah. The designs, the colors, the layout and the explanations are just perfect. “Kol Ha Kavod”.
I am staying in NJ for Sedder and, I am going to show them around, and it’s going to be the master piece of the evening.

Passover Shopping Guide: Choosing an Haggadah

1. A Happy Passover Haggadah ($29.94). This is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing haggadot we’ve seen, and it’s perfect for the whole family. With both Hebrew and English illustrated with bright colors, this hardcover book is a great addition to the seder.
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…this Haggadah is as friendly as it is beautiful and makes a great gift for any home. read more…


A dazzlng book! A perfect gift!

by Shawn Nacol (New York, NY)
The Happy Passover Haggadah is one of the most beautiful, modern, witty and hopeful Haggadahs I’ve ever seen. Since purchasing my own copy, I’ve bought at least 9 other copies as gifts for holidays and housewarmings… And the recipients wind up doing the same. It has an infectious, engaging approach to the Passover tradition that makes it appropriate for homes of any degree of observance. Kid-friendly but super stylish and deeply-rooted in spiritual devotion. How many books meet those criteria?

Lovingly drawn and richly produced, it’s become one of my go-to gift items for the Jewish family who has everything, even for people who think a Haggadah is something they’d never need or use… Everyone is captivated by Rafaeli’s clever, vibrant artwork. And because it isn’t well-known yet, there’s a real hipness and freshness to it. The attention to detail, the spectacular use of color, and the quirky illustration style make it a “religious” book that’s a pleasure for readers of any age. A rich, potent and lush Haggadah that will become a classic. Highly highly recommended!

New, refreshing, and colorful look on the classic tale about Moses

by Lalmog (New York, NY)
The new illustrated Haggadah titled “A happy Passover Haggadah” is one special and magical work of art as well as a valuable holiday guide. This Haggadah manages to be an easy and understandable read, yet is still smart, beautiful and fresh illustrated.

Amazing Beautiful Family Haggadah!

by Daniel Levine (New York, NY)
We love this Haggadah! The illustrations are so festive and inspiring! The text is clear and easy to follow! Makes a great gift!