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Huevos Haminados

GET YOUR EGGS READY! Yes, you can make them way in advance, and some more, and enjoy all week the special look and flavor. This year I used a classic recipe using onion peels but also added a small beet. Next year I will add less onion peels and a larger beet. I love pink! […]

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Passover Divine Chocolate Cake

This is a simple but divine chocolate cake, with a surprising cognac twist. The key to its success is the quality of ingredients. Great Aunt Rachel insisted: only top quality chocolate and top quality cognac.  I have tried it just as she asked as well as with a few compromises, and she was right- there […]

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Passover matza-meat-pie: The Pastel

A yummy traditional matza-meat-pie that my family has been enjoying from generation to generation. This dish is the ABC of CREATING PASSOVER CULINARY MEMORIES. There are a few versions of this, but I will give you the exact one I make, a combination of Aunt Shoshana’s and Aba Shaki’s recipe and which is a proven success. […]

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Passover Walnut Sweets: Karydoglyko

Karydoglyko (in Greek): Here is another passover favorite, a very simple and easy to make treat, although it is a little time consuming, as it is hands on. Other than that, it has no other choice that to be a success! Think of it as precious truffles – you are not supposed to eat the whole […]

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Passover Walnut Cake with syrup: Melahrini

This is the most famous passover cake – but good not only for Passover. There a quite a few versions, some with syrup some without, but after testing a few, this is by far the best one-very moist and delicious. It can be done in two different flavors: 1) walnuts+orange zest (more classic-everyone loves it) […]

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